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Note: This recipe is not exclusive to Javelina and can be applied to any other meat from the peccary or pig families.

Recipe courtesy of Steven Rinella and Matthew Weingarten, Chef & Author of Preserving Wild Foods: A Modern Forager’s Recipes for Curing, Canning, Smoking and Pickling.

 Master Rub:
  • •1/4 cup salt
  • •2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • •2 cups white wine
  • •3 cups chicken or pork stock
  • •1 carrot, large dice
  • •1 onion, large dice
  • •4 stalks of celery, large dice
  • •1/4 cup honey
  • •2 Ancho peppers
  • •2 cinnamon sticks
  • •4 allspice berries
  • •1/2 lemon peel
  • •2 Tablespoons Black peppercorn


Pre-heat your oven to 225 degrees.

Meanwhile, make deep cuts into the javelina leg and rub the salt and brown sugar into it aggressively.

Now place all of the rest of the ingredients in a large roasting pan and set the javelina leg on top.

 Wrap the entire roasting pan with three layers of Aluminum foil (a hermetic seal is very important here!) and place in the pre-heated oven.

 Close the door and roast for approximately 6 to 8 hours or until the meat is tender and falling off the bone.


 To serve, use a fork to gently pull the meat apart into chunks and place in a large bowl along with a little of the strained juices to moisten.  Sprinkle in a little more salt to taste if necessary and serve on top of your favorite biscuits, with a drizzle of the following Pickled Pepper honey.

Pickled Pepper Honey
  • •16 oz good quality Honey
  • •1/2 cup of chopped pickled hot peppers (recipe attached, or store bought)
  • •1/4 cup of pickled Pepper juice

Combine all in a large bowl and hold aside until ready to use.