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This Sunday, we’ll kick off the New Year with a fresh episode of MeatEater. The show takes us up to the Western Brooks Range for a fly-in caribou hunt with the writer Timothy Ferriss. Over the years I’ve been lucky to do a fair bit of caribou hunting, but this was the first time I ever flew into a remote location with the specific purpose of chasing the animals. In the past, my buddies and I have always gotten into good caribou country the hard way, by dragging canoes upriver on the Arctic plain that stretches from the Brooks Range northward to the Beaufort Sea. The following photo essay includes images culled from a variety of such hunts, beginning in 2002 and stretching up to around 2008. For anyone who thinks that adventurous hunts are beyond their budget, keep in mind that we usually pulled these off for less than a thousand dollars per person. And we always killed bulls.