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I’ve owned many tripods for my spotting scopes over the years, and they all sucked for one reason or another: the legs would bend too easily; they wobbled too much in the wind; they were too bulky or too heavy; the heads didn’t turn smoothly; they were too clumsy to set up; the quick-detach adapters were of piss-poor design; the telescoping legs would become inoperable due to a little dirt or mud, etc. Thankfully, I came across an Outdoorsmans tripod and I’ve never had a single problem with it, even after taking the same unit on dozens of extended backcountry hunting trips. These things are virtually indestructible and will not let you down. In fact, it was the Outdoorsmans tripod system that inspired me to beg that company to come on board as MeatEater sponsors in the first place. I just wanted to make sure that I’d never have to use another company’s tripod.

Outdoorsmans Tripod Systems: $370-$590