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I have been a longtime fan of yours since I saw your show The Wild Within. Before watching the show, I was just a foodie and never gave it much thought to taking my culinary experiences to the next level.

After watching your show, I started archery and practiced for close to 2 years dialing my sights in and shooting at various distances & conditions. I got comfortable with my shooting technique this year & starting hunting. This year I have harvested boar and blacktail deer for the very 1st time in Northern California where I live. Pictured is my harvest of the deer as well as some of the cooking I did: liver & onions, deer heart with mushrooms & gravy, and deer steaks.

Along with you introducing me to hunting, you also brought to my attention conservation and the importance of being active in preserving wildlife habitat.

Within the last couple of years, I have joined and donated to conservation groups such as TCRP and most recently, I have volunteered with the California Collaborative Fishery Research Program, catching, tagging, releasing, and help collect samples of fish in the Bay Area, CA.

I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do and bringing awareness of our surroundings.

Just as a follow-up, I volunteered last Monday with the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program. What was so great about this experience was anglers from the Bay Area along with researchers, biologists, and graduate students came together to gather & collect as much samples as possible by catching, collecting data, and tagging rock cod to be used for research.

It was just great having anglers, scientists, and students coming together for a common cause.

As mentioned before, I would not have explored such great opportunities without your emphasis in conservation and taking an active part in maintaining and preserving our habitat and natural surroundings.

Again, I would like to thank not only you, but also your staff and crew in everything you all do.


Rich K.

P.S. no pix of fish caught because we were all so busy hooking fish. Out of the 12 anglers, we caught a total of 588 cod for the day!