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Last fall we got our hands on an 8-man lightweight tipi tent made by a company named Seek Outside.  It came with a titanium woodstove, and the whole setup is fiercely badass.  The tent, single pole, and stakes roll up into a stuff sack hardly larger than your standard 2-man tent, and it weighs in around 7 pounds.  The stove weighs nothing and is simple and efficient—a handful of thumb-thick dry sage puts off enough heat to get warm (maybe too warm) and dry out clothes and cameras quickly.  We packed it in with the llamas on the Crew Muley shoot, and our first go at rigging it up was like all of our first Christmases at once—we were almost squealing with delight.  It was obvious that this was a very seriously functional piece of equipment, and also incredibly simple—a combination that is deeply appreciated.  Since that trip we have used it as our go-to shelter for gear and cameras, and I expect it’ll get plenty more use on our ensuing seasons of MeatEater.  Check it out.

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