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Note: This recipe is not exclusive to venison and can be used with any other wild game animal.

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Fresh venison liver is a standard MeatEater meal after a fresh kill.  There’s not much trickery to the preparation, all you need is an onion, some oil, something to cook it in, and maybe some salt.  Here’s the recipe:


  •  •1 fresh venison liver
  • •1 large onion
  • •vegetable oil
  • •salt


Roughly chop your onion so that it turns into a pile of long, thin slices.

Heat some oil in a pan until you get a nice sizzle when you introduce an onion.

Dump your onions in and let them cook down for 4-5 minutes before you start frying liver.

Slice off pieces of liver about ½ inch thick and sauté them with the onions in batches until browned.

Hit them with some salt or seasoned salt and dig in.  Best served immediately out of the pan and steaming hot. 


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