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This dish was created on the fly in the Missouri Breaks of Montana, and was the hit of the afternoon.


  • •1 intact venison heart
  • •1 apple
  • •5 cloves garlic
  • •½ small onion
  • •salt
  • •oil (not totally necessary)
  • •tinfoil

First, dice your apple, onion, and garlic and set it to the side.

Pare your heart by cutting the top off, creating a lid.  Then make one cut down the length of the heart so you can get in there and clean it out real good.  Clean out any congealed blood and any connective tissue that might be gumming things up.

Salt the muscle and lay your diced apple, onion and garlic in the ventricles.

Roll it all back up and put the cap on.  Feel free to drizzle some oil both in it and on it, it can’t hurt.

Wrap the whole thing in 2 or 3 layers of foil and bury it in your campfire coals for a good 45-60 minutes. 

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