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Thanks to all that responded to my request for help in finding “I” names for our litter of Bracco Italianos. We already had the two names for the females, but we used many of the names provided by MeatEater fans for the males. Below, you can see the photos of the dogs and the names we used. Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion. Right now, I’m trying to decide whether I want to keep Ira or Icuras for myself.

Since my last post I have been traveling and my wife’s been in charge of the kennel. She started them on puppy mush made from ground dry food mixed with warm water. For those of you who haven’t raised pups, the bitch will keep the pups and their whelping box as clean as a whistle as long as they’re drinking her milk. She’ll lick them to stimulate their kidney and bowel functions and she’ll recycle all the waste. But when you start to feed them dog food, it’s all over for her. Everything gets messy, and it’s up to you to clean it.  Two of my daughters recently made the trek home to help with the pups and take some pictures.  I’ll include photos of my daughters above. Since the name campaign worked so well with MeatEater fans, maybe I’ll get lucky and find some future sons-in-law as well!

For more photos from Ronny’s Dancing Duke Kennels, check out his flickr stream here!