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by Dan Doty, Producer

There might be a thousand gear tips that are more fun to read, but few that are more important:  Sunscreen. Besides being uncomfortable, getting sunburned is dangerous and unnecessary.  Seemingly little details like this are important to consider on hunting trips and shouldn’t be ignored.

On our shoots we make sure we put on sunblock everyday, and part of the reason we’re so good about it is that we found the good stuff. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock is by far and away the best we’ve ever used. It comes in a wide range of SPF, and it is absolutely ideal for hunters and cameramen both. There is no grease and it seems to magically absorb directly into your skin. It doesn’t have a particularly strong odor, and it leaves your hands dry and able to operate a camera or a rifle with no issues.

On our Buffalo hunt in Mexico, there were no clouds at all and the sun blasted all day long, but we were prepared. So many little things can derail a hunt or a TV shoot, and being safe and comfortable is very important.

Be smart and wear sunscreen.