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As a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and manager of all things medical on our shoots I keep three separate kits together and organized at all times: a big “base camp” medical kit, a small dry bag full of over-the counter medications, and a “trauma kit” that I keep on me at all times, regardless of our location.  Here is what I keep in it:

  •  1 sheet of MoleSkin for blisters
  •  A thin roll of adhesive tape
  • Antibiotic towelettes and gel
  • An untipped syringe for flushing wounds
  • An epi Pen
  • An extra contact lens (for me)
  • An assortment of single serving medications (ibuprofen, decongestant, etc)
  • Self adhesive wound wrap
  • 2 pairs of rubber gloves
  • 12 water purification tablets
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A safety pin
  • An assortment of wound dressings for burns, lacerations, punctures, etc.
  • A package of QuickClot
  • A lighter (not shown)

We spend enough time in the bush that things do go wrong; injuries and accidents do happen. We do our best to be prepared for anything.