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Q:  I have been in that area you hunted black bear. My question is for Steve’s camera man. How many times did you think you were going to die trying to film while walking across all that shale? 

A: [This from MeatEater Director and Cinematographer Mo Fallon:] Ha! You obviously know the area well. I definitely had a couple moments. That shale is sketchy stuff. Everything you touch just crumbles, it’s super steep, and you kick in while side-hilling and it’s like, “I can’t trust this stuff.” At one point I just stopped on one side of a steep wide slide and Steve was like, “I have to go on and look around the next corner, or I won’t be able to live with myself.” That’s a statement you hear a lot from him. So, I was like, “Go, I’ll just hang.” But then as soon as he got around I heard him saying, “there’s that bear,” so I knew I had to catch up or I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Crossing that slide was the moment for me where I was like, “I’m gonna end up taking a 100mph ride to the bottom.” But, we were cool, and thanks again to Steve’s amazing knowledge and drive, I ate my first bear meat the next day right there in those incredible mountains. FYI — I traded my Asolo’s in for Schnee’s Granites the day we got back, which has been a huge help, though I do know that the boots don’t make the man. I’ve seen guys like our buddy, Marty, get along up there in Xtra-tuf’s and long johns… I guess we can’t all be Alaskans. –Morgan Fallon