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Here at MeatEater, we love to get notes from our fans. They are all special, but this one has a certain cadence and freehanded poetry that keeps me reading it again and again. There’s a writer in each of us. -Steven Rinella

Steven, you’re show is awesome. I am 65 and have been hunting since I was 8 in the East Texas river bottoms and now in North central Texas. I was raised on quail, squirrel, hog, and deer. One of my son’s got his first deer when he was 9 (he is 18 now) with my feather weight 30.06, me holding back of stock, scope gets his eye bad, but I had taught him to break their neck, can’t run off, blood dripping off his face, no problem. At 14 he and my neice same age see 60 hogs 700 yards away, run through the woods for a close enough shot, both get there first. First coyote at 14 also, running through a field at 150 yards, did a hay pow on him, says hay, it stops, pow broke his neck with his .243. When this son John was 5 he walked to a tank on our property alone for three days and caught 107 crappie. Now he also loves bow hunting, but hog hunting the most. I love the decal with the forks.