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One of the things that often twists us up on MeatEater shoots is the fear of not getting into enough action to make a great episode of tv.  This doesn’t happen often, and some of our least successful hunts have turned into very successful episodes.  But even with that knowledge, it sure is nice to get in the field and get right into a bunch of action—it allows me to get into my sleeping bag at night saying “Alright, we have a good start,” instead of “Holy crap, I hope we see something tomorrow.”  When stuff happens I breathe a little easier and sleep much better.

This turkey hunt in Montana was so full of action that the atmosphere was open and relaxed the whole time.  It was a blast.  The birds weren’t simply handed to us, we had to work hard, but the action started early and was consistent.  Shoots like this—though always challenging in some capacity—don’t feel like work at all.  They feel like what they are, real hunting trips plus a couple dudes with cameras.  This was one of my favorite hunts we’ve done so far, the landscape was gorgeous, the turkeys delicious, and of course it’s always a big pleasure to have one of Steve’s brothers along.  My hope is that the amount of fun we had, both on camera and off, translate to the screen and people at home can get in on some of the fun we had. –Dan Doty