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Dear everyone: Our goal at MeatEater is to keep you stocked up on insights, entertainment, gear tips, hunting strategies, wild game recipes, and more. In order to make that experience better, we’re kicking off something called MeatEaters-at-Large. We’ve gone ahead and opened the gates at so that some of my most trusted friends and colleagues can join the conversation.  Some of these guys you’ve met on past shows, such as my brothers Matt and Danny; some you’ll meet on future shows, such as expert hunter and outfitter Jay Scott; and some you’ll meet simply through their own words and photos here on the site, such as Wisconsin-based hunter and wilderness badass, Jerod Fink.

The name for these guys, MeatEaters-at-Large, is meant to demonstrate their general affiliation with the MeatEater lifestyle, while still giving them free reign to do what they do best: mouth off about anything that comes into their minds on the subjects of hunting, wild game, the outdoor lifestyle, and even a bit of fishing now and then. While I’m sure that some of their material is going to get me into trouble with sanctimonious and/or humorless website agitators, I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. I’ve never been afraid of a fight, and I’m certainly not afraid of fresh ideas. So, to kick things off, I’d like to introduce our inaugural MeatEater-at-Large dispatch. It was crafted with great care and consideration by my brother Matt, who sometimes goes by (or at least wishes he did) Llama Man. Here he’s writing on a subject that many of us hold near and dear: moose scat.