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Hunters can be a pain in the a** to shop for, because there’s an overabundance of gear on the market and also an overabundance of gear in most guys’ garages. Out of sympathy for anyone who has a hunter on their shopping list, I’m going to put together the MeatEater’s 12 Days of Gifts Guide. These items are gonna please any hunter out there, no matter how picky or overstocked he or she happens to be. What’s more, these things can be purchased quickly online without having to drive around and endure hordes of competing Christmas shoppers.


Day 4: If you’re shopping for someone who loves to hunt wild game or wild edibles such as ramps and mushrooms (or just likes to wander around in the woods) they will certainly appreciate the recently released Preserving Wild Foods, by chef Matthew Weingarten and Raquel Pelzel. I’ve had the good fortune of doing everything from hunting squirrels to gathering cattail roots to making black bear sausage with chef Weingarten. He’s an inspired and creative cook who takes our most beloved forest foods and turns them into unusual and memorable preparations. This book includes invaluable information about curing and smoking meats, plus great recipes for canning, pickling, and sausage making. Once you make his Spiced Venison and Cherry Summer Sausage, you’ll agree that Weingarten deserves a Nobel Prize in charcuterie (if only there were such a thing.) This title will find a permanent position on any hunter’s book shelf.