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Hunters can be a pain in the a** to shop for, because there’s an overabundance of gear on the market and also an overabundance of gear in most guys’ garages. Out of sympathy for anyone who has a hunter on their shopping list, I’m going to put together the MeatEater’s 12 Days of Gifts Guide. These items are gonna please any hunter out there, no matter how picky or overstocked he or she happens to be. What’s more, these things can be purchased quickly online without having to drive around and endure hordes of competing Christmas shoppers.

Day 3: The Gun Tool by Real Avid makes a great gift for the traveling hunter, whether he or she flies around the world or just drives up to a hunting camp for the weekend. The tool eliminates the need for all those loose torx bits and Allen wrenches that always turn up missing from your pockets and gear bag. Think of this thing like a dedicated multi-tool for your gun, with 18 of the most commonly-needed gunsmithing tools: choke wrenches; a pin punch for removing trigger mechanisms; hex, torx, and Allen bits; claw-point blade, and a bit for windage and elevation adjustments on your scope. Sure to be appreciated by anyone who owns firearms.