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On any given day of MeatEater, regardless of our location, we have a substantial amount of stuff that we need at hand.  Obviously we need our cameras and audio kits and all the stuff necessary to take care of them—extra batteries (of multiple varieties), extra cards, lens wipes, dry bags, rain covers, ear buds, multi-tools, etc.  Then we need stuff to take care of ourselves—extra layers, rain gear, food for the day, radios, emergency satellite phone, trauma kit, and any random item that may be needed for the day.  Also we often carry a Canon DSLR camera for specific filming purposes, and all of the extra gear it requires.  It’s been a long journey to come up with the proper system to carry and systematize all of this stuff.  About four months ago, we were introduced to a new way to use the Outdoorsman’s Pack system and things have been improving ever since—substantially.

Our camera pack starts with the Outdoorsman’s frame and harness, on which is secured their daypack and a sleeve for a 3-liter water bladder.

This basic setup allows us to fit pretty much all the gear we need into the pack in a comfortable, supported way.  Onto this frame we’ve had our equipment geniuses bolt on a quick-release camera plate, so we can go hands free when necessary.

The hip belts on these pack frames have room for extras as well, and one helpful addition is a Badlands radio holster—which keeps our radios from falling off cliffs (which has happened).

Another important element is the addition of a Badlands magnetic binocular case, in which we put batteries, cards, and anything else we need at a moment’s notice.  All together we come out with a pretty smooth, integrated system that allows to shoot all day long in any conditions.