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I am an adventure hunter living in Alaska, I often film my hunts. I’m getting ready to purchase new equipment to start filming this spring to make a video for my back pack company. What camera do you carry in the field? What type and power of lens do you use? How do you protect your cameras from the weather? 

We recently received this question from a fan regarding camera equipment used on the show so we deferred to the expert on this topic, MeatEater director Morgan Fallon:

Our primary cameras are Sony EX1Rs. I think this is the most reactive and flexible camera for most types of action. It has a versatile, fast lens that responds quickly. It is small enough to handle in rugged environments without too much fatigue, and performs all the basic tasks that a modern field camera should. One note to make, though, is that since the tsunami, it has been harder to get replacement parts. In addition, we carry an EX3, which is basically the same camera as the EX1, but will accept a 2/3″ lens with an adapter. This allows us to use our Canon 22X lens as our long lens option. With the doubler on this lens, The EX3 is equivalent to 1600mm in the 35mm world, so it is great for holding game at a distance. For this camera, we use a Sachtler video 18 tripod head with a set of miller solo 1 legs. The Millers are super light and flexible. Also, we carry two Canon 7D’s with 14, 24, 35, 50mm primes, and 10-22, 17-55, 70-200 zooms. Plus, we also carry GoPros, which are great for some things.

For inclement weather, we seal the LCDs on the EX1s with silicone, and though I’m sure I’ll get flack for it, I cover all non-essential buttons with electrical tape. On top of that, we use the rain covers for the EX1s. This gets us through 90 percent of the wet we encounter. The black tail episode was one of the wettest and we didn’t lose any EX1s. We also use waterproof backpacks for the equipment, and dry bags for all the batteries and cards.

All of this equipment is owned by our production company, Zero Point Zero, and some of it is pretty pricey — for example, the Canon 22x ENG lens. I don’t know what your budget is, but if I were to boil it down to one item, it would be the EX1. We could shoot our entire show on that camera and they are pretty tough. –Morgan Fallon