Dear fans of MeatEater: The other day, I got a question on Twitter asking how much of MeatEater is b-roll. I’m sure the question was motivated by the fact that many hunting shows make Frankenstein episodes from footage collected through various sources in order to create a false impression of how much game is cruising around. In order to give a full answer to the question, I passed it along to our director of photography, Mo Fallon. Below is his reply. -Steven Rinella

Thanks for the question. I think what you are asking is how much pre recorded stock footage is used in our shows. The answer to that is none. What you see in a given show is recorded on location per hunt per episode by our production team never to be used again in subsequent episodes. We do not use stock footage of animals either recorded by us or others in our shows. In addition, all of the time lapses and scenics are shot on location per episode.

So far we have been lucky and have not been completely skunked. However, we know it’s coming some day. When that day comes we’re not gonna fake it, we’ll have to work around it. For now we will just continue to hit it hard and keep it real. I hope that answers the question if not please post again. -Morgan Fallon, MeatEater DP