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If you’re interested in hunting free-range buffalo in the region of northern Mexico that you saw in the buffalo episode of MeatEater, contact my friends Jay Scott and Darr Colburn, of Colburn and Scott Outfitters. These boys are some of the smartest and hardest working hunters I’ve ever met. They take a rugged yet scientific approach to hunting that is a thrill to experience. Watching them work is likely to change your entire approach to hunting. What’s more, they’ve got deep connections on some of the best land Mexico has to offer for chasing Coues deer, Gould’s turkey, and buffalo. I can give you my personal guarantee that Jay and Darr will work their absolute hardest to give you a good hunt. Quite honestly, they are not that interested in your money. Rather, they are interested in you having the best and most successful hunt possible. This is hardly something I’d say about just anyone. If you want to see a wild piece of footage that Jay took while guiding an elk hunt in Arizona, click this link. Jay’s casual response to this bull shows what a rock solid guy he is. It’ll blow your mind. (And Darr’s actually the calmer of the two!) –Steven Rinella