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How not to take care of your feet:

  • • Wear flip-flops all summer and let your feet go soft
  • • Accumulate thick, gnarly calluses and then let them dry out, crack, and bleed
  • • Bring one pair of socks for a 7-day hunt
  • • Forget to bring camp shoes to change into at night
  • • Step casually into rivers when they are knee-high or deeper
  • • Do not use foot powder or Gold Bond, even though you packed it especially for yourself
  • • Tell everyone who cares to hear about the gaping chasm on the bottom of your foot
Follow those steps if you want your feet to look like mine. However, if you want your feet to look pretty (and feel good):
  • • Bring several pairs of dry, wool socks for your hunt
  • • Wear poly liner socks to reduce friction
  • • Keep a dry pair of socks in your sleeping bag fornight use
  • • Wear camp shoes when you are not humping the hills (sneakers or crocs are great)
  • • Judiciously use moleskin or duct tape for hotspots, before they turn into blisters
  • • Use foot powder or Gold Bond to keep your feet, socks, and boots dry
  • • Change from boots into river-crossing shoes to get across water (camp shoes can double for this sometimes)
  • • Keep your toenails under control
This stuff is legitimately important on a lengthy expedition.  So do as I say, not as I do.