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On my last seven or eight mountain hunts, I’ve used a simple layering system for my upper body that has proven to be versatile, lightweight, quiet, and extremely comfortable. Next to my skin, I wear a merino wool First Lite Llano Crew. Over that, I wear a merino wool First Lite Chama QZ. Seriously, this combination has kept me comfortable in temperatures ranging from 35 degrees to 65 degrees (above that, I shed the top layer.) At night, when I climb in my sleeping bag, I roll up the Chama for a pillow and sleep in the Llano Crew. Even after days of wearing these shirts, they still smell fresh and clean—which is something you could never say about synthetics. What’s more, the shirts dry incredibly quickly and are comfortable when they’re wet. If you have an active hunting style, where periods of waiting are punctuated by periods of intense activity, this is the setup for you. No B.S., you will love this system.