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Steven Rinella’s follow up to questions raised by Ben Long’s privatization of wildlife article:

1: As for the reader who asked about a Che Guevara book on my bookshelf, and whether I admire Guevara: I definitely do not look up to Che Guevara. Conducting the executions of intellectuals and homosexuals,  among many other crimes, undoes any fuzzy things he might have said about peoples’ rights. The most lasting result of Che’s legacy is the Castro Regime. Need I say more? However, I do look up (way up) to Jon Lee Anderson, who wrote that book.

2: Ben Long’s article wasn’t trying to raise the question of whether Romney is a suitable candidate based on his elk/moose gaffe. With that he was just pointing out a funny incident, and no one with half a brain would withhold a vote from someone who mistakenly forgot what they were hunting on a particular trip. Rather, Long’s article was helping to connect the dots between special interests and politicians, which, to my mind, is fair game. As we go into this upcoming election season, hunters and fishermen will have to make tough choices. Regardless of which candidate we each choose to vote for, we need to send them a clear, two-pronged message: don’t mess with our gun rights; don’t mess with our wildlife.

3: Advocating for public lands does not make you a socialist. If you think it does, you need to invest in a dictionary.