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Warning: 90% of all Father’s Day gifts are totally lame (according to an informal survey that I conducted by polling ten friends.) A bad gift is excusable if you’re shopping for a dad who has no real interests or enthusiasms, but it’s completely unforgivable to buy a hunter or fisherman a less-than-choice gift; that’s because hunting and fishing inspire limitless innovation and invention. There’s always some great new thing—or a great old thing—that any self-respecting outdoorsman would kill for. Here are six of my favorites. I guarantee that the old man will be happy with any of these.

1) Havalon Piranta (for hunters) or the Havalon Baracuta (for anglers). These skinning and fillet knives, with quick-change, surgical-quality blades, are taking over the world of field cutlery. Outfitters and taxidermists have been using them for years; in a couple more years, everyone will have one. Keep the old man ahead of the game and get him a Havalon. From $36.95 — Click here to check it out.

2) Vortex Razor HD binoculars. Hunters who don’t have a good pair of binoculars dream of getting some, and hunters with a good pair of binoculars have nightmares about losing theirs on a hunt and being caught without a replacement. Splurge on these ‘nocs, which I use on EVERY hunt, and dad will be easier to have around for the house for at least the next four months. $1199.99 — Click here to check it out.

3) Outdoorsmans Backpack System. Even if Dad’s not a backpack hunter already, he wishes he was. Just knowing that he owns this ultra-cool backpack system will make him walk a little taller and feel a little manlier. And, he’ll be one step closer to being prepared for that once-in-a-lifetime Western hunt. $399.99 — Click here to check it out.

4) First Lite baselayers. If Dad doesn’t automatically appreciate a set of First Lite long johns, just tell him that he’s a jackass for not knowing that merino wool is the best thing going for hunters who want comfort in fluctuating weather. And, it resists those moldy body odors that plague Capilene and other synthetics, so he won’t smell quite so bad when he comes in from the field. From $60.00 — Click here to check it out.

5) A subscription to Western Hunter or Elk Hunter (or better, both!). Western Hunter magazine changed my life, and I regard it as the best-kept-secret in the hunting world. It offers perspectives and information that will be completely new to even the most jaded hunters, and now the same guys are putting out a new publication, Elk Hunter, which is the only serious magazine geared strictly for elk fanatics. I cherish my subscriptions, and I’m a dad. So obviously your dad will, too! From $19.95 — Click here to check it out.

6) MeatEater Must-Haves. Finally, in honor of all dads who hunt and fish (and share these experiences with their families) we’re offering a blowout 20% discount on all MeatEater must-haves, including DVDs and t-shirts. Get one of each, and Dad can be entertained while simultaneously looking like a badass. From $12.99 — Click here to check it out.