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Steven Rinella and his brother, Danny, on a 2005 Dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range

Calling all MeatEaters! I lucked out and drew the coveted early season Dall sheep tag for Alaska’s Tok Management Area. The odds were 1.3% this year and I hit gold.  I’ll be hunting with my brother Danny, an Alaska resident, and we’re going non-guided. The problem is that neither one of us has ever set foot in the Tok area, so I’m begging and pleading with everyone out there to share with me any thoughts about hunting Tok. Especially welcome is any specific, recently informed information about good drainages and landing strips. If you want to keep your stuff secret, go to the contact page on and drop an email. Your privacy will be respected. And don’t worry, we won’t be mentioning any specific geographical information on TV out of concern that an area might get too much pressure. Thanks so much.