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by the MeatEater team

You’ve all probably heard about venison donation programs. Well, here’s an organization that’s taking that idea to the next level.

Started by Joe Lasher, Backyard Bow Pro is a network of bowhunters that connects its members with non-hunting landowners, and then donates part of the bounty to a food bank. The ultimate goal is to feed the hungry, but in doing so the group (whose motto is “shoot to grill”) dishes up a hard-boiled reminder about the fundamental role of hunters as food-providers.

“One hunter-harvested deer can feed 200 meals through local soup kitchens and churches and other organizations,” Lasher says.

The organization, which prides itself on professionalism and proficiency, vets all prospective hunters with a background check and requires them to pass an archery test.

Partnering with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH), another nonprofit, the group has provided more than 100,000 meals in North Carolina since 2008. Now in 15 states and growing, Team Backyard Bow Pro is looking to expand. If you want to get involved, or you’re just interested in preserving our hunting heritage, start by checking out this video: