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Bone-In Cut: I’ll slow-cook this javelina (also known as a collared peccary) shoulder and then pick the meat for barbecue sandwiches. It’s pork-like but gamey, and benefits from a spicy sauce.

Bulk Sausage: I keep on hand a variety of bulk (uncased) breakfast sausages. I usually make them from a medley of lesser cuts taken from a variety of animals. These are two of my favorite blends.

Cased Sausage: I pack a lot of sausage blends into hog casings. Merguez, a North African blend, is my favorite by far. I also do hot dogs, kielbasa, summer sausage, bratwurst, you name it. Getting set up for sausage making is expensive, but worth every dime.

Dungeness Crab: I freeze crab knuckles whole after boiling them for ten minutes in heavily salted water (about the same salinity of the ocean). Then I reboil them for ten more minutes before eating.

Ground Meat: I freeze my wild game burger in one-pound packs. I go through these things like mad during the summer grilling season.