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Pre-Cut Steaks: I usually like to freeze meat in larger pieces and cut my steaks from those (this reduces surface area and, thus, reduces freezer burn.) But sometimes I’ll freeze single pre-cut steaks for the sake of convenience. They thaw quickly and can be used in a hurry.

Vacuum Sealed Fish: I wrap red meat in a layer of plastic wrap and then a layer of waxed freezer paper. I like vacuum sealed bags for fish, so long as you can keep the plastic from getting punctured in the freezer and thereby destroying the seal.

Whole Quarter: Coming back from a trip, I sometimes freeze whole quarters of deer in order to save time. Later, I’ll thaw the quarters and break them down into smaller cuts that I re-freeze for future use.

Whole Sirloin Roast. This is a two-pound block of sirloin. “SR” means steak/roast, as the cut can be used for either. I freeze the majority of the rear quarters off big game in this fashion.