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Two of my favorite how-to hunting books of all time are Hunt High (not that kind of high, you derelict) and All About Bears, by the late great Duncan Gilchrist. Dunc, as I like to call him, was a firm believer in the May 11 date for black bear hunting, as he believed that it marked full emergence from dens in Montana and Alaska. Well, it’s May 11 right now and I’m flying out this morning from Ketchikan to my place on Prince of Wales. I’m hunting with my buddy Ronny. We’ll be putting my Lund skiff into the water and we’ll be hunting hard. It gets light at 4:30 a.m. up here right now, so we’ll be having some early mornings. Stay tuned, as I’ll be sending daily reports. And probably some photos. To kick it off, here’s a photo of my place on Prince of Wales. Humble, but great.