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Among hunters, game kidneys are easily the most overlooked ingredient that can be taken from a fresh kill. While they are highly variable in their taste and quality, in general the kidneys from younger animals can be surprisingly good. My favorite preparation for kidneys is to use them in a breakfast scramble with eggs and veggies. While it’s not essential, it’s a good idea to slice the kidneys in 1/4” slices and soak them overnight in a bowl of salted water with a squeeze of lemon. When it’s time for breakfast, dice the kidneys (or kidney slices) into small cubes measuring about a 1/4” in size. Also dice up your veggies. I like to use a turnip and a small potato. Heat some oil or bacon grease in a skillet and saute the kidney cubes along with the potato and turnip and one or two whole hot red peppers until they’re nicely browned on all sides and cooked through. As a last step, crack a couple eggs into the pan and scramble them in with the veggies until the eggs are cooked. Eat that and you’ll ready to get your hunt on. Or at least it’ll knock your pecker straight.