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My brother, Dr. Matt Rinella, is the least picky eater in the Western Hemisphere. In the mountains he’ll boil venison brauts in a pot and then brew coffee in the water. He once fed himself for a period of time off a stash of unopened boxes of outdated breakfast cereal that was abandoned by a hobo in a back alley. When baiting black bears, he’s happy to make a meal for himself out of the bear’s bucket. He’ll drink a mug of rendered bear oil lard. After opening a can of peas and draining the vegetables, he slugs back the liquid (he calls it pea water.) These are all admirable traits, but he should probably be more picky when it comes to eating Canada geese. Not picky like squeamish, but picky like he needs to pick out the steel shot before digging in. He’s broken more teeth on steel-shot pellets than anyone I know — and he’s probably eaten more Canada geese than anyone I know. A couple days ago he was enjoying a Christmas goose that he just killed near his home in Miles City, Montana. These photos demonstrate the aftermath.